Hello and welcome!


I design and handcraft jewellery and objects, dedicating my work to issues that concern me and              the entire world.

Born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic (Czechia), I made Australia my home 19 years ago. I live in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, close to the ocean and many national parks.

On the days that I am not enjoying the ocean, sketching in my diary or making something cool in my studio I teach jewellery and object design at TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore.

Like many people, I am deeply concerned about the future of our planet and about our sharing it harmoniously. The ecological issues, discrimination, corruption, greed, violence and other consequences of the human ego are overwhelming. Many of us consider what we can do to improve the world we live in. How can we change it? How can we save it?

By communicating with others through my work, I feel that I am playing my part in helping out. I put all my heart and passion into each individual piece. Each is unique and has a story behind it.

I hope that if you wear my jewellery, you will share these stories, spread awareness, cause a reaction and it will result in action! People might be happy to listen to you tell a story accompanying a unique piece of jewellery that you happen to wear. It might spark their interest. Why not try it?

Your purchase will also help support disadvantaged women, children and the conservation of our planet. I donate 10 percent of sales to charities including the Girl Effect global movement, the Harapan Project and Justice for Nature, as well as individual GoFundMe campaigns such as the                Maasai Women Enterprise

If you would like to know more, please connect with me! Follow my work on Instagram, Facebook or check out my formal profile on LinkedIn.