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To take a little break from conceptual heavy work considering global pollution I just had a play with pearls and gold.

That is right. I found some 18ct yellow gold laying around in my bedroom and I thought it would look good with some silver and golden pearls that I bought in Lombok, Indonesia, when I was traveling there. In the case of these rings, I worked mostly intuitively and explored form and flow.



The second style of neckpieces that I am working on at the moment involves even more steps in preparation of the material before individual discs are strung on a stainless steel wire. I suppose the lengthy process required to get the work done is part of the whole experience surrounding this material. After all, it takes ages for the material used for flip flops production to break down when it is discarded. It all just takes a very long time.

These are the necklaces that I am working on at the moment. Black, pink & white, and yellow & orange.



It has been slow, but continuous progress bit of a stop and go as our location and circumstances allowed me to work on it.  These abandoned thongs travelled with us across four continents and finally found their permanent home in Australia in my home studio. I have played with different arrangements and finally decided on two different styles to start with. It is very repetitive work that doesn’t involve too much concentration and therefore it allows you to zoom out and take the time to think deeply about the concept itself.



In The Drawer

January 1, 2020

I am excited to report that I was a part of In The Drawer, a group exhibition featuring in Radiant Pavilion Melbourne Contemporary Jewellery and Object Biennale. The exhibition was curated by Robyn Wernicke and was held at Small Space Jewellery, 365a St Georges Rd Fitzroy North, Northcoat, VIC from 7th to 28th September 2019.

The concept behind the two brooches that I have designed and made specifically for this exhibition was based on my childhood memories and experiences. The forbidden drawers in my mothers’ wardrobe were not only full of beautiful and colourful antique silk scarves but were also a piece of art itself. The wardrobe inherited from my grandmother was a beauty. It is a well-made polished piece of wooden furniture that perfectly operates even after 100 years of use. Draws nicely and smoothly slide in and out and doors perfectly fit and close even after years of being abused by curious toddlers.

As a child, I was not allowed to play with the perfectly ironed and folded scarves stored in this wardrobe. Not because I would pause a danger to the scarves, but because I always made a mess. I was never able to fold them back as perfectly as my mum could. Many times I secretly opened the wardrobe and then spend ages to put everything back into its original order… mum always knew. Till today, whenever I visit my mum, I open her draws and search through her scarves…..and ….leave them messy as I used to.

Interestingly, I have received the acceptance to participate in this group exhibition just when I was in Brazil on my way to the Czech Republic to visit my family. I was able to get some recycled beautiful Imbuia, native Brazilian hardwood from my partner’s family member. Imbuia was traditionally used for high-quality furniture, but unfortunately due to its quality and beauty, it has been over lodged and it became rare. I started working on the brooches in Brazil and finished them in Prague, where I received one of my mother’s scarves to use for the brooches.




I have been looking at washed used thongs on the beach for years! I have always tried to work out how I could use them as a material. What could I make and how would I treat them. What concept would drive me to seek thongs as a material?

Most of the time I just collected them and put them in the bin as nothing was coming to me. Until now!

I have turned into an eco-warrior some time ago. Sure, even my household has still ways to improve. However, we are trying hard to reduce, reuse and recycle so it is just natural that these views and fight against plastic, consumerism, pollution and ignorance made it into my practice and became number one issue I discuss in and with my work.


The concept

In the nutshell, it is about the footprint left by human activities which become deadly to other species and to our planet.


The challenges

The challenge of this material is that I am dependent purely on what I find. This means that the final look, mostly colours, is still unknown to me. It all depends on what gets to be washed on the beach.

The other challenge is to make something beautiful from something ugly. Sure, some may argue that conceptually it is not necessary to make the final work beautiful. But I would like it to be aesthetically pleasing… least to me… as the inspiration for this project feeds from the beauty of Africa.


The Inspiration

The inspiration for this project comes from Africa and the very small part of this continent that I got to see. It is because I am here right now (to be specific, I am on Zanzibar Island, Tanzania) and I collected all these thongs from local beach where I go every day to play with my son or to kite. I admire the colours that are present everywhere. Beautiful fabrics are so dominant and everywhere. The way local women wear them is with such confidence and pride. I can’t stop admiring them.


The process

The first step after I collect the thongs from the beach is to thoroughly wash them with dishwashing detergent. Sometimes the surface is very slimy and covered with shells. Secondly, I dry them in strong sun. When they are clean and dry I cut them using Stanley knife and metal ruler. Lastly, I will assemble the individual pieces together.



Grass is Greener exhibition bump in

October 4, 2018

I am glad that I have done this “a few” times before! It seems like no matter how well one is prepared for the bump in, it always ends up taking up the whole day. I am grateful to have such a supportive and reliable exhibition buddy like Doris. Here are a few pictures from [...]

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Grass is Greener joined exhibition with Doris Jurzak

August 7, 2018

Why do we always want what we don’t have? Why do I live in Sydney when so many people would give anything to live in Prague? Prague is such a beautiful city rich in history, culture and social life. Why did I move across the world away from my family and my roots? The answer [...]

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Discovery series

August 1, 2018

It is not a wonder to me that over the past 16 years my way of thinking has changed. It also is easy to understand that I have been massively influenced by my travels and exposure to a multicultural environment. However, I did get a bit surprised to notice that my aesthetics have altered more [...]

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some photos of the discovery series

August 1, 2018
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Sacred Treasure Series

August 1, 2018

This series is definitely the most personal work I have ever made. Basically, all my emotions (LOVE, disbelieve, sadness, longings, brokenness, helplessness, jealousy, anger, forgiveness, acceptance and adaptation) are stored in those pieces. Last year we have lost our baby Leo at 20 weeks pregnancy due to a severe abnormality in his brain. We have [...]

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