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some photos of the Secret Treasure lockets

August 1, 2018
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straws for Nalu – the process and finished pieces

January 20, 2018

It is an exciting time in our lives as our family of two will now expand to three. Our baby boy’s expected due date is on 26/02/18 and his name is Nalu, meaning ocean wave in Hawaiian. In this time we can’t help but plan our near and far future and our sense of sustainability [...]

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My parent’s wedding rings

October 5, 2017

My father past away from a heart attack when I was six years old. My mum stopped wearing her wedding ring since, however, she kept her and my father’s ring safe until about four years ago. Four years ago she came for another visit to Australia and gave me both rings to melt and make [...]

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Pearl and 18ct yellow gold engagement ring

April 16, 2017

Another fun commission! The requirement for this engagement ring was to design a unique ring made of 18ct yellow gold, fine wire to be used for the ring and featuring pearl that comes from Australia. My client, her partner and I went for pearl shopping and she has chosen this beautiful Keshi pearl from Western [...]

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precious artefact

March 16, 2017

Nervous and excited are two words that describe how I felt when I get to work on commission with a beautiful, precious and very rare artefact. This old stone tool was given to my client’s mum as a present. She has been treasuring it for years and now it made its way onto my bench! [...]

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jewellery commission for a dancer

January 22, 2017

I love commission work, especially, when my client gives me complete design freedom. In this case my brief was fairly simple; design and make sterling silver stud earrings and belly button piercing that would mean something to the client. Additional requirements were; the belly button piercing needs to be rather large with removable hanging item, [...]

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acid etching silver wedding rings

July 18, 2016

It is not my usual choice to go for acid etching rather than electro etching, but this time it was a perfect technique for a job. I have been commissioned to make silver wedding bands featuring old Viking writing in the design. I have originally tried to achieve following results with electro etching, but unfortunately [...]

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Mort teapot finished

April 3, 2016

What is this teapot about? The concept behind this work is that nothing is as seems and that even slightest seemingly insignificant truth that we take for granted can be all very different. Items, truths and humans appealing simple and easy to understand can be in contrary complex in their essence. We should never fail [...]

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teapot making in progress

March 17, 2016

All the major work is done! It is the details that I have been focusing on lately….. Step 25 – finishing of and assembling infuser and lid. The tea infuser and lid consists of three parts which can be separated depending on use. This way user is able to infuse their tea for 3-5 min [...]

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teapot making in progress

February 22, 2016

Teapot is soldered and cleaned up. Now it needs essential wooden components such as handle, lid and stand. Wood is a beautiful material and great insolent from the a heat. I had been contemplating for very long time what sort of wood should I use. Eventual, when I went to local Anagote Timbers in Marrickville [...]

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