layer – week #5

layer – week #5

September 3, 2012

Continuing researching what is what is not possible to achieve with plywood. By now I came across number of very interesting work by designers from all over the world. It almost seems that plywood can be used for anything depending on which kind and grade I use.

This week I focused my experimentation on important details like interlocking and finish of edges of ply, lower and quality grades of plywood, different organic shapes and scale.

Outcome of this experimentation is that lower grades of plywood are really hard to form in my home workshop/kitchen. On the other hand good quality 3mm (5 ply) plywood was supper easy to manipulate in to bends that I wanted.

I also tested look and function of copper insert on edges of one of the objects.  Result is that it allows me to manipulate plywood even easier.


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