2008 August

From the monthly archives:

August 2008

WOW!! What a crowd and what an experience! My first group exhibition (not counting end of year Jewellery and Object Design exhibitions form TAFE or any other group exhibition I was participating in) that I was part of, curating and exhibiting  and we got such a response. I cannot express how overwhelmed I feel.

Check out pictures from opening and be sure that based on this experience, there will be many more exhibitions to come.

The drive for making and work one can get from fellow claques is unspeakable.



Time has come to install our work. We have planned this day during our meeting, what to bring, where to put what and we timed it well. However, on the day it has proven that there are all sorts of unexpected things that needed an extra attention, resulting quiet long set up day.  It was a valuable experience for a future.


Finally an exhibition of jewellery and objects that shines the light on adornment for men.



Ten female past students and current students/staffs of the Jewellery and Object Design, Advanced Diploma course from the Design Centre Enmore have united to address a need increasingly voiced by their male peers. Tired of being asked why it doesn’t seem to exist, these ten girls have created an exhibition of quirky, unique and handmade contemporary jewellery and objects, made for, and inspired by boys..

Participants are :

Georgina Pattinson

Lisa Furno

Majella Beck

Natalie Klave

Natasha Marcus – Taylor

Nikki Majajas

Pamela Suares

Radka Passianova

Sonya Scott

Tamahra Prowse

The show will contain a collection of work aimed to inspire, provoke thoughts, capture the imagination and hopefully leave men with no more excuses for not wearing jewellery.

Why should girls have all the fun?