2009 October

From the monthly archives:

October 2009

Overwhelming and super exciting was opening of an exhibition girls against gold! We have received lots of good and valuable feedback and also had and amazing time in your company.

Check out some of the picture we took during the event.


we have spent months of planning and preparations of an exhibition girls against gold. Therefore, it seemed only logical to enhance the theme of the exhibition during the opening. We have played repertoire of gold and precious themed songs for duration of the exhibition and for the opening we thought of something even more special; golden make up. Each member of the group was decorated with the golden make up to distinguish them from our guest.

I must say, it was fun!


It is a second year that we are putting on an exhibition and we are still learning. But I can say that we are getting better and more efficient.  As every member of the group has a task to do during months of preparations for the exhibition. We are able to cover a lot. We were fortunate enough to be awarded with several grants and sponsorships.

Gallery installation also went smoothly.  I think these two pictures sum it all.



girls against gold

October 10, 2009


Ten female graduates of the Jewellery and Object Design, Advanced Diploma course
from the Design Centre Enmore have united for a second year running to exhibit on a
theme, this year being girls against gold.

In 2009 the artists are questioning the preciousness of traditional materials commonly
used in jewellery. Stimulated by both a contemporary viewpoint on material value as
well as a reaction to inflated gold prices they will be exploring materials and ideas not
conventionally applied to jewellery.

The ten female artists have created an exhibition of quirky, unique and handmade
contemporary jewellery and objects aimed to inspire, provoke thoughts, capture
the imagination, while exploring the question ‘what makes something precious’.

The participants are:
Majella Beck Jenny Daskalakis
Lisa Furno Nikki Majajas
Natasha Marcus-Taylor Jasmine Matus
A Mi Kim Radka Passianova
Bernadette Trainor Janis Valdivia
An added bonus for gallery visitors will be ‘ten girls in ten days’. Each day that the
show is running will see one the ten participants staffing the space and available to
answer any questions about the works.

5% of all sales will be donated to Breast Cancer Australia.