2016 March

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March 2016

teapot making in progress

March 17, 2016

All the major work is done! It is the details that I have been focusing on lately…..

Step 25 – finishing of and assembling infuser and lid. The tea infuser and lid consists of three parts which can be separated depending on use. This way user is able to infuse their tea for 3-5 min or as long as they wish then remove the infuser from the lid and place the lid back on.

– infuser
– Lid closing infuser (bayonet closing) with a threaded bar that can be attached to a wooden/silver lid
– Lid closing the teapot

Step 26 –Drilling holes into a handle socket is very scary step!!! These two holes must be perfectly positioned and parallel as two silver pins will go through to hold the wooden handle in place. If I make mistake at this point…..I will go crazy! To prevent me going crazy, I made a jig to hold the teapot in position while drilling.