2013 October

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October 2013

girls on time , artist talks

October 27, 2013

An artist’s talk is and event when public can come and listen to an artist talking about their work. It is also an amazing opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate answers or start whole discussion.

This is how it went during artist talks on  girls on time by tenmoregirls .




In the past couple of weeks I was looking at form. Whole time I was going back and forth from rectangular to round form. At the end I have decided to give another try with round form this time perfectly round. As a result I have achieved shape I am relatively happy. Also, using pure paraffin, without any hardener made the form look crisper and clearer.  Of course, more experimentation with form is necessary, but I feel I am on the right track. Next step will be securing my mold so it is each time right in the center, working out my release (canola oil) and making sure that outcome looks nice, clean and crisp.



girls on time, opening night

October 20, 2013

An opening night of girls on time by tenmoregirls was as usual very exciting experience. Lots of friends, family members and even quiet large number of new followers came to support us. It is always little overwhelming to show your work. As it is a conceptual work, exhibiting is about communicating your feelings, views, statements and objectives. Therefore, it is easy to feel nervous and excited. It also involves lots of talking during the opening night. I usually stand whole night right next to my work and talk about its concept over and over again until the night is over. Some prefer to hide and pretend not to be there. I aim to create work that can speak its concept on its own without any words, yet,  I also see an opening night as an excellent opportunity to explain my message or technique to whoever likes to hear it directly from me. I feel that my work is me and I am part of it.



Curating an exhibition requires lots of hard work right from the beginning till the end. It involves jobs like designing catalogue, flyer, promotional materials, writing media release, advertising, approaching sponsors, liaising with the gallery, organizing catering for associated events, writing grants applications and much more. When you are curating your own solo exhibition it is all on your head, however if you are part of a collective like tenmoregirls you have others to pull some weight too, to encourage you and motivate you.

This year our gallery bump in was rather different experience than any other year, yet we have managed to put on another successful and amazing looking show. After all experiences contribute to your development.



for already a sixth year tenmoregirls put together an exhibition of unique  contemporary jewellery and objects. This year’s theme is ‘time’ and as always each of the ten girls has responded to it in very personal and distinctive way. I would like to invite you to join us for glass of wine at our opening night of Girls On Time on Thursday 17th of October in Stanley Street Gallery. Please see attached flyer for details.


I hope to see you there.