2011 October

From the monthly archives:

October 2011

The tenmoregirls collective are back in 2011 with another electrifying exhibition of contemporary jewellery and objects. This talented group of ten emerging female artists will again push conceptual boundaries, stretch definitions and excite audiences as they present 10 girls. 10 colours. 

Since 2008, tenmoregirls have come together annually to orchestrate concept-based exhibitions of modern wearables that inspire Sydney art and design communities and thrill the public. The collective consists of ten female designers and makers who met while studying at the Design Centre Enmore and who are committed to exhibiting every year to promote and nurture the medium in their local community and beyond.

Challenging traditional jewellery forms and characterised by unusual applications of materials, and high quality technical experimentation, tenmoregirls shows have a reputation for exemplifying the high standard of emerging contemporary jewellery in Sydney. This latest project, 10 girls.10 colours., is their most successful collaboration yet.

For three weeks in October this year, Salerno Gallery will light up with colour. 10 girls. 10 colours. is a vibrant exploration of subjective interpretations of ten randomly assigned colours. The artists navigate diverse themes, from sensory perception and memory to cultural contexts and history. The resulting work is thoughtful, vivid and provocative.



Once again tenmoregirls collective is ready to show what they have been up to for a whole year. We have scheduled some cool  events like quick jewellery making workshops  for kids and meet the makers. But before we can put these events on we have to set up the gallery. As you know tenmoregirls are curating their own exhibitions and so gallery bump in is one of the jobs that need to be done.