2020 December

From the monthly archives:

December 2020

To take a little break from conceptual heavy work considering global pollution I just had a play with pearls and gold.

That is right. I found some 18ct yellow gold laying around in my bedroom and I thought it would look good with some silver and golden pearls that I bought in Lombok, Indonesia, when I was traveling there. In the case of these rings, I worked mostly intuitively and explored form and flow.



The second style of neckpieces that I am working on at the moment involves even more steps in preparation of the material before individual discs are strung on a stainless steel wire. I suppose the lengthy process required to get the work done is part of the whole experience surrounding this material. After all, it takes ages for the material used for flip flops production to break down when it is discarded. It all just takes a very long time.

These are the necklaces that I am working on at the moment. Black, pink & white, and yellow & orange.