2015 June

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June 2015

I am recharging, recovering and rediscovering my senses. I am absorbing smells, sounds, colours, heat, textures, elements and much more. My head is getting bombarded with ideas for new designs.

These scratches are just little explorations of textures and forms.


Two months passed since my last post and some developments occurred. First of all I been able to get back on track with my “coconut project”. Components for two neckpieces made of coconut shells have been cut, sanded, oiled and packed. Ready for a trip to Sydney, where it will be assembled with metal parts once those will be made.

Once again, this was an exploration of new material resulting some new discoveries, learning and experimentation. As usual, it was valuable experience, however, now I am looking forward to get my hands on to some metal! Ideally silver or gold.

It was due to research for this project that I realized how useful coconut as material is. Here is just a short list of uses for coconut shell, husk or other parts;

– Coconut shell is source of very good quality charcoal
– Activated carbon from coconut shell is effective for removal of impurities
– Dried husk is used for production of body sponges and brushes for polishing floors
– Coconut shells are used for handicrafts such as buttons, bowls, jewellery and musical instruments
– Husk as potting medium for healthy forest tree saplings
– coconut shells powder and husk is used for mosquito coils and incense sticks
– In Hindu ceremonies is coconut widely used as coconut symbolizes fertility and resembles women’s womb.
– Tea from husk fiber is used for treatment of inflammatory disorders
– Coconut peal is believed to have anticancer compounds
– Shell is used for domestic and industrial fuels
– Coconut shell powder is used as moulding powder in Bakelite and synthetic resin glues

……. and most interestingly, coconut water is sterile until the shell is opened. The water also mixes well with blood and was used in WWII in emergencies as transfusion!!

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