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October 2017

My parent’s wedding rings

October 5, 2017

My father past away from a heart attack when I was six years old. My mum stopped wearing her wedding ring since, however, she kept her and my father’s ring safe until about four years ago. Four years ago she came for another visit to Australia and gave me both rings to melt and make something for myself out of it.

So I did.

It took me a while to get around doing it though. It is like with any profession, I guess when you make and teach jewellery for living you hardly ever have time to make jewellery for yourself!

For the construction of the ring I first had to prepare my material – 14 ct yellow gold (the wedding rings). These are the steps I had to take first.

1 – First I melted rings

2 – I pour the molten gold into an ingot mould. This would become my starting point for drawing the rod to the thickness of wire I desired.

3 – With a repeated action of drawing the gold wire through the round draw plate and regular annealing I eventually got the round wire I needed for construction of the ring!

Viola! 14ct yellow gold featuring beautiful South Sea Keshi pearl.

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