2013 July

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July 2013

While developing idea of sustainable hemp and organic cotton fruit bowl designed for rather beech or country house, I have decided to design fruit bowl opposite to that. This idea came from initial mock up I have made out of card board and reused leather. Shape that came out was so striking that I kept coming back to it. Eventually, I decided to go ahead and design lather and metal fruit bowl.

Here are some initial mock ups….. testing three or four arms, split leather or just cut and etc.



Once first prototype has been finalized, production of eight-teen fruit bowls has started. In order to finish this project as quickly as possible number of steps needed to be completed to save money. How easy would it be to just hand in drawing or prototype to someone else and one week later to pick up finished product???? Well, that would also cost much more and I wouldn’t gain any new experience and skills, right?

Step #1 – order right quantity of appropriate fabric. Like I described in earlier post, I have made a decision to produce these fruit bowls of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton fabric. I have found really great supplier, Hemp Gallery based in Sydney, who imports non bleached, organic fabric from fair trading factories.

Step#2 – screen-print/branding fabric. Luckily, I have chosen for this semester screen-printing as my elective! It still took me half a day to figure out how to print without paint running everywhere!! Trick is in angle of pull! Now I know.

Step#3 – make pattern and find someone who can sew fruit bowls for me. This was my first time to make pattern for professional tailor. Eventually, I found friend of friend, professional tailor Naoko, who has done excellent job!

Step#4 – cut and bend stainless steel inserts. Due to my metalworking background this task was really easy. I was even able to source recycled stainless steel to use.

Step#5 – secure stainless steel inserts in fabric. This took one nice morning to sit down and drink four cups of tea while inserting one metal after other.
Below you can check these steps in form of pictures……..