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August 2012

I hope you got your copy of MX newspaper on 27th August or Inner West Courier on 28th August…..



The tenmoregirls collective is back in 2012 for the 5th consecutive year, presenting GLORY BOX, another challenging exhibition of contemporary jewellery and objects.



This year’s exhibition, centered upon the theme, GLORY BOX, is an exploration of history, culture, women, change and the contemporary hope chest. Throughout history, women worldwide have prepared for a change in marital status by accumulating items such as bridal wear and household goods, traditionally stored in a glory box or hope chest. This tradition symbolizes female transition, family financial status, domestic arts and leaving home. In some cultures, it also speaks of male domination and forced submission, often accompanied by the threat of violence.
Each artist has created work that expresses her personal response to this theme. The result is a diverse array of explorations, which dig deep into the notion of the GLORY BOX in a contemporary context. They include interpretations of preparation and safety, the plight of young girls affected by old traditions, secrets hidden in Renaissance boxes, memories of childhood and family and reaffirming identity.
“Everyone prepares in some way for the big moments in their lives. Heirlooms, mementos, even advice passed down through generations reveals how women in our families prepared for roles they filled,” said tenmoregirls artist, Danielle Butters. “And while having a Glory Box to prepare for marriage is a dated concept, the idea of preparation and collected wisdom is still relevant and important. This exhibition gives you the chance to peek into our contemporary hope chests and maybe take a look at what’s in yours.”
The tenmoregirls collective for 2012 is made up of ten talented female artists including: Radka Passianova, Jo Piper, Bernadette Trainor, Tenille Evans, Danielle Butters, Majella Beck, Doris Jurzak, Linda Blair, Sarah Maree Mills and Kaoru Rogers. A group of both emerging and established makers, the collective aims to advance each member’s practice by providing motivation, critique and a platform for continual development of the conceptual basis of their work. They also aim to welcome the public, especially their local community, into the growing field of contemporary jewellery and objects.
Members of tenmoregirls are all graduates from Design Centre Enmore. They have come together annually, since 2008, to stage popular, concept-based exhibitions of contemporary wearable artwork, making them Sydney’s most prolific contemporary jewellery collective. Challenging traditional jewellery forms, they specialize in unusual materials and technical experimentation, producing work that is unexpected and exciting, while also being valuable, desirable and collectible.

Proceeds from GLORY BOX, go to “The Girl Effect” to support young girls around the world affected by poverty, lack of education, disease and conflict.

Hope to see you there !


Once again, tenmoregirls (collective of ten female artists) are putting on an exhibition of contemporary jewellery and objects.You may ask, what does it involve to be a member of such a collective? Well, it is a lot of effort and not just making your own work to exhibit. As tenmoregirls curate their own exhibitions it means that each member has to contribute with their own time to make it happen. We each have a job throughout the year, such as; looking after promotion, sponsorship, graphics, grants application etc, but when the opening day is close we all have to get together and install the exhibition.

Here are just a few photos from our installation this year.





layer – week #3

August 20, 2012

Plywood it is!!!

Not sure what I am making yet, but it will be made of plywood. Due to my research I realized how interesting material plywood is…. (Did you know that plywood has been used of construction Egypt already 3000BC?) With new experiments I am finding more and more about this material. How it behaves, what kind of plywood is available and the most importantly what can I do with it.

Below you can see some bending experiments of circular and irregular organic shapes that I am drown to.


layer – week #2

August 13, 2012

(Concept development, more research and some experiments)

I am deeply involved in research, mock up making and experimenting! Everywhere I look I can see layers. Layers of blankets, leafs, cardboard and petals.

I think most inspiring group of LAYERS I have seen this week is yellow rose slowly opening with passing time.  Revealing new layers of petals every day until they all start to go brown and eventually fall of.

This week I have been thinking a lot about LAYERS. Not only how to demonstrate them in my work but also, what it represents to me. When I think of layers I feel it is something light and airy. Complicated in the way as individual layers of particular material is repeatedly placed on top of each other yet simple in this basic repetition.

Going back to the yellow rose that I came across this week, I started to get more fascinated by this its life. The rose starts growing and gaining leafs and layers of petals, one by one. Once it reaches its high it starts to age and slowly loose these layers of petals, one by one. It happens so fast and easy…..and that is the way it is. This simple process of rose’s maturing enriched my life for past two weeks. How often do we stop and look? Take a moment to look at simplest and most common things, shapes and colours?


Some more paper mock ups to see what forms I can achieve….


Some experimentation with ply wood and veneer! You wouldn’t believe how much fun this was!


…. and how did I achieved it? by steaming it in the biggest pot I found …..

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….and more to study….

August 5, 2012

I am pleased to announce that I have returned back to school!!! Full of excitement I have finally started my first semester at UTS. Master of Design, object and accessories studio with Berto Pandolfo  is what I am going to be  mostly updating you on for next year and half. For the first semester you […]

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