2012 January

From the monthly archives:

January 2012

I made 7 pieces for the exhibition. I must say I have got absolutely excited by this theme and I hope that I will have a time to make more pieces like this in a future.

So what did I make? I did make four metal “sound instruments”; music ball, rain-dropper, two hollow shapes hitting each other and hollow object with wooden stick. However, after completing these objects I felt, I need to explore the idea of making something out of wood. After all, wood is a material that has been used for production of musical instruments for AGES! So I made three instruments out of Salomon Island Black wood. Such a beautiful experience! The wood itself has such a magnificent colour, smell and feel. It has a soul. The sound that it produces is so distinctive and vibrant. Each of the instrument consists two pieces of different shapes that are hitting each other. To my biggest surprise I realized that different shape produces different sound. This truth might be obvious to anybody musically involved, but for me, who just got engaged in creating musical instruments it was like the biggest discovery in the world of sound. As a result of this I tried to pass this knowledge to absolutely everyone who came to our opening night. I guess some of you liked my presentation as I sold two of my pieces during first 10 minutes of the night. Later on, I was also contacted by sound engineer who was visiting our exhibition. He kindly took recording of my instruments and soon I will be able to add it to this blog so you can hear it! So stay tuned! For more photos of “sound instruments” look into object “gallery”