2011 November

From the monthly archives:

November 2011

Thank you all for coming to support us and share a drink with us on opening night. I also would like to thank you for your valuable feedback regarding to selected space, installation and our work. One of the most warming feedback was that everybody’s work looked absolutely stunning!

For those who didn’t have a chance to come and check it out, 10 girls. 10 colours. exhibition was consisting work based on ten different colours that are representing aging, hemoglobin, nature, power, sound and aura just to name a few. Exhibition run for three weeks and during that time we had two kids workshops. For the kids workshops we have prepared craft and art activities to entertain kids and to get them involved in making process that we do every day. It was heaps of fun….and not just for kids (check out photos from the workshop). We are hoping to do this next year again and maybe involve community on even grater scale. Any suggestions and ideas how you would like to be involved are welcome.

photos from opening night and kids workshop