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June 2012



An exhibition of 100 jewellery pieces made in 2006

19th – 30th June 2012 CELEBRATION DRINKS – Saturday 23rd June 4-6pm

Studio 20/17

6b/2 danks st   |   waterloo   |   nsw  2017   |   australia + 61 2 9698 7999 open tues – sat 11 – 6pm

2006. It was a common year that started on a Sunday. John Howard was PM and Pluto was no longer classified as a planet. It  is often bandied about that art is a reflection of our society;  intrigued, we set out to find what 2006 might have looked like in terms  of contemporary jewellery. 100 jewellers from across the  globe have been invited to present one piece of jewellery they made 6  years ago. Presented as a salon hang, this exhibition will showcase an  incredibly diverse array of jewellery and will give an overall snapshot  of what these jewellers were thinking, making and the materials they  were using all those years ago in 2006.

Alice  Potter, Alice Whish, Alida Cappelletta, Amy Renshaw, Andrew Welch,  Barbara Cotter, Bernadette Trainor, Beatriz Ruiz, Birgit Laken, Claire  McArdle, Coconut Lu, Bridget Kennedy, Danielle Butters, Danielle  Sweeney, Deborah Rudolph, Diane Beevers, Elfrun Lach, Elfi Spiewack,  Emma Fielden, Erin Timony, Francine Haywood, Heidemarie Herb, Helen Mok,  Ilse-Marie Erl, InSync Design, Jacomien Labuschagne, Jandy Pannell,  Jane Millard, Jane Pollard, Jane Reynolds, Jasmine Matus, Jennifer  Gehbauer, Jessica McMullen, Jessica Morrison, Jessica Page, Judy McCaig,  Julie Usel, Julie Kiefel, Justine Austine, Karen Thompson, Karin  Jakobsson, Karina Hunnerup, Karola Torkos, Kate Barton, Kath Inglis,  Katrina Freene, Kelly McCallum, Kim Ebbeck, Linda Blair, Linda Van  Niekerk, Lisa Furno, Luke-John Matthew Arnold, Madeleine Clark, Manuela  Gandini, Mark Vaarwerk, Melanie Ihnen, Melinda Young, Melissa Cameron,  Mervi Kurvinen, Michelle Kelly, Michelle Taylor, Minnette Michael, Mirca  Maffi, Miriam Andraus Pappalardo, Nadine Smith, Naomi Schwartz, Paula  Rodrigues, Phoebe Porter, Rachel Bell, Radka Passianova, Renee Damiani,  Robi Szalay, Rudee Tancharoen, Sandy Marker, Shan Shan Mok, Sharon  Fitness, Sharon Massey, Shauna Mayben, Shimara Carlow, Sian Edwards,  Simon Cottrell, Sonya Scott, Stefanie Koelbel, Stephen Gallagher, Susan  Frisch, Susanna Dwyer, Suzanne Esser, Szilvia Gyorgy, Tatjana Panyoczki,  Teresa Faris, Vernon Bowden, Vicki Mason, Ximena Natanya Briceño, Zoe  Brand


Glory Box is the 2012 exhibition from Sydney based contemporary jewellery collective, tenmoregirls and I must say at first moment I wasn’t very excited about the theme as I don’t have real attachment or interest in this custom.  However, after some research I found a few interesting facts.For example, glory box originally served the purpose of security for the bride in case she should leave her husband due to mistreatment or to help her out at the beginning of their marriage. Also, traditionally, content of the box could be only used by the bride or later on by her daughters, however, this regulation was abused later on.

While researching origins of glory box/hope chest I also came across some disturbing articles related to dowry in India. This reading had such an impact on me that I have based my whole work for glory box on concept of fear and protection of young brides.

I have chosen to create an object beautiful and feminine on outside with masculine components on inside to celebrate traditional concept of marriage.  I have carefully selected materials to highlight simplicity, contrasts and purity to create tool for protection – daggers made of an ebony and silver. Each of the daggers when not used appears as a decorative object that only contributes to a home with its beauty. However, when needed this object transforms into dagger that bride could use for her protection.

Few links below are about dowry in India. Check it out and see for yourself. My words cannot describe what I felt.





… and to give you little idea what the daggers will look like, here are some progress images…