May 18, 2014

teaching a private class for very special occasion

t was a great honour to be approached by my dear friend Emilie Bell requesting private class to produce hers and her husband’s wedding rings for their wedding in June.  I am not married myself, but I understand how personal such event is. After all, it is an event that should be remembered for rest of our lives and it only makes sense that wedding ring that one wears on a finger every single day should not only look good but also bring good memories, be meaningful or simply say “I love you and so I went through this special effort in learning the skill and made the ring for you to be with you every single day even when we may be geographically apart”.  Emilie was an excellent student! Keen and interested! The experience was even more exciting as we could almost say that it was three of us making those rings as Emilie was pregnant at the time and her soon to be born son Istvan was contributing to making by happy moves in Em’s belly. Class was structured simply but effectively; I have explained steps needed to be taken to make rings from scratch then demonstrated and explained each step and technique in detail on Em’s ring and then she performed the same step on her husband’s ring. The result as predicted was great!



“I made my husband’s wedding ring! Radka helped me to make this special piece of jewellery through a series of fun tutorials in her private studio. She is a talented artisan and a great teacher. Radka guided me professionally throughout the process by clearly explaining the steps and methods and teaching me the required jewellery making techniques, including saw piercing, soldering, shaping and polishing. She used the making of my wedding ring to demonstrate each step, and helped me to achieve the same step on my husband’s wedding ring. This process gave me confidence and resulted in both of our wedding rings being made at the same time! I feel proud to have been involved in each step of the making of my husband’s wedding ring, from planning the design and ordering the materials to the final polish. And he was very impressed too! This surprise added to the sentimental value of our ring exchange during our ceremony and makes wearing them that extra bit special! Thank you Radka!”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Emilie Bell





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