August 18, 2014

Inspiration ahead!

Travel is an important source of inspiration not only for me but for any creative soul. I try to make sure that I go for little trip as often as I can. I observe and absorb as much as I can. Inhale smells, look at textures, listen to sounds and relax.  My major trip for this year was going back home to Europe,  Czech Republic. Last time I have been home was seven years ago and I was very mystified what would I feel  and experience when I get there.  Uniting with my immediate and distant family at my cousin’s wedding was for sure most significant movement. Traveling through Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria was also incredible and rediscovering Prague my home town was astonishing.  Whole trip could be concluded as thought provoking, what came out of it so far is series of black and white photographs focusing on texture and light leading to some development sketches for a future work.


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