girls on time, opening night

girls on time, opening night

October 20, 2013

An opening night of girls on time by tenmoregirls was as usual very exciting experience. Lots of friends, family members and even quiet large number of new followers came to support us. It is always little overwhelming to show your work. As it is a conceptual work, exhibiting is about communicating your feelings, views, statements and objectives. Therefore, it is easy to feel nervous and excited. It also involves lots of talking during the opening night. I usually stand whole night right next to my work and talk about its concept over and over again until the night is over. Some prefer to hide and pretend not to be there. I aim to create work that can speak its concept on its own without any words, yet,  I also see an opening night as an excellent opportunity to explain my message or technique to whoever likes to hear it directly from me. I feel that my work is me and I am part of it.


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