jewellery commission for a dancer

jewellery commission for a dancer

January 22, 2017

I love commission work, especially, when my client gives me complete design freedom. In this case my brief was fairly simple; design and make sterling silver stud earrings and belly button piercing that would mean something to the client. Additional requirements were; the belly button piercing needs to be rather large with removable hanging item, yet studs needs to be small enough to be able to sleep with.

Now, where do you start? What is your concept if the brief is to create a jewellery that would mean something to a wearer?
Luckily, I know my client well enough to know what to research. She is a very active woman and she is an amazing dancer.
I have done little bit of a research about a contemporary dance that she is a fond of and also about a contact improvisation that she practices and occasionally facilitate sessions.

I did look at some stunning photographs of her dancing and started to trace a line.

Next step was to look at the line, positive and negative shape with a help of cut out square in a white card board.

Tracing interesting lines and shapes on a blank piece of paper and framing it was followed by abstraction and variations.

These sketches were then taken into designs of actual jewellery, keeping in mind that this jewellery can’t be sharp not to injure the wearer when dancing or sleeping.

Lastly, I have presented three designs to a client who picked her favorite one.

To begin, I cut three “drop” shapes. Two for earrings and one for the piercing.

Once, individual shapes were cut, edges were filed and emery.

To form nice curve from flat sheet of sterling silver I used doming block and punch.

The hanging drop on piece of chain was cut and filed from thicker piece of silver. I used 1.5mm

Separate components to be soldered together.

Karin (my client) checking the progress.

Soldering set up.

…..and finished work… I hope she will like it!

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